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Sai Montes | MUA & Vlogger Post New photo #realtalk

Sai Montes | MUA & Vlogger (@iamsaimontes) new Photo, picture
Sai Montes | MUA & Vlogger (@iamsaimontes) It’s been quite a while since we did something like this together. My husband has been very supportive of whatever Balik Alindog eklavu I currently have. This is not one of them but happy that I got to spend a badminton date with him! 🏸 I’m at this point in my life where I learned to love all my flaws—I know I have to improve on my lifestyle and fitness—but I’m not forcing it. I work at my own pace because tbh I have so many excuses. LOL #realtalk P.S. I won the game 🥇🏆🎖 17 01:17pm 09/11/2019