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WestCoast | BestCoast Post New photo #westcoastbestcoast in Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara

WestCoast | BestCoast (@wecobeco) new Photo, picture

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12:11pm 01/29/2019
03:07pm 01/29/2019
Like this 🌟
05:08pm 02/02/2019
Thanks and Praises
05:21pm 02/05/2019
The snapshot is excellent!
09:52am 02/10/2019
Wow. Nice picture. πŸ‘ If you want, check my account out. I do also pictures of nature.πŸ˜€
12:57pm 02/11/2019
Awesome ! β˜€
07:50am 02/19/2019
Awesome shotπŸ‘! Each day, at the beginning, we are like empty vessels asking to be filled with some infinity. Enjoy a bright Tuesday πŸ˜€
01:50pm 02/19/2019
12:43am 02/22/2019
Gorgeous capture, I love those clouds!! πŸ™‚πŸ‘
09:43am 02/22/2019
Very nice photo. I also like to photograph nature, if it is not difficult for you, go to my account and see.
12:46pm 02/22/2019
Wouw!😍 So Beautiful picture! Love this page!!! Take a look at my page to if you want!πŸ™πŸΌ
06:00am 02/23/2019
Woww!! 😍
01:50pm 02/26/2019
So beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜»
06:51am 02/28/2019
Travel is life !
06:45pm 03/02/2019
πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ
06:54am 03/05/2019
OMG. This is amazing!
10:58pm 03/06/2019
gotta love santa barbara!!
12:11am 03/08/2019
Just perfect 😘
12:39am 03/08/2019
So Coool !!
01:04pm 03/08/2019
Hi, great profile dm me for shoutout i just need your follow back, i hope u like my profile too <3
12:44am 03/10/2019
10:36am 03/10/2019
01:09am 03/15/2019
06:15am 03/17/2019
This photo is πŸ‘‰ stylish!
11:34am 03/17/2019
Very Nice πŸ’―
12:51am 03/21/2019
07:23am 03/21/2019
How curious :/
04:48am 03/26/2019
Representative my LLC association. Notice this profile this minute
08:30pm 03/26/2019
Love this! 🌟
02:01am 04/07/2019
Nice photo!
09:00am 04/07/2019
This photo is really magical!
03:41pm 04/07/2019
The photo looks glorious!
06:31am 04/08/2019
Go to farm girl! Portobello road πŸ™ŒπŸ»
02:51am 04/09/2019
Sunrises are harder to capture. You have to wake up very early to catch it.
08:13am 04/09/2019
Your picture is so stylish... πŸ‘
05:00am 04/10/2019
loved by whole your photos πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
04:47am 04/14/2019
01:06am 04/19/2019
12:47pm 04/20/2019
That looks awesome!

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9 1 03:43pm 04/23/2019
ARTIST SPOTLIGHT ON SHERYL PARSONS Sheryl graduated from UVIC with a BFA in painting in the 80s. She then married, raised 2 boys and worked full time for a private company, leaving her painting for a time. In the early 2000s she picked up her brushes again and it all came back. Sheryl gravitates towards local landscapes of the west coast, usually with strong lighting to add drama and uses water soluble oil paint. Sheryl joined the Coast Collective in it's Golden age 2008 when the art gallery was in the beautiful stone Pendray House on Esquimalt Lagoon and still has her studio there now. Sheryl is patiently waiting to retire, soon, so she can work full time on her painting. You can find more of Sheryl's beautiful paintings on Instagram (@parsons_sheryl ) and Facebook (Sheryl Parsons).
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@karlthefog framing San Francisco for one hell of a sunrise πŸŒ…
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