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Betty Benjamin (@officialbettyben) #Repost @thedomesticatedman • • • Don't let outward fool you! The bitter truth is this. No one has f**kboy/f**kgirl written on their face. The majority of us always seem nice, lovely, kind and good from afar. Just because you have no control over who you like/fall in love with does not mean you should RELINQUISH YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE WHO YOU LET INTO YOUR LIFE! It is your freaking duty to get close and see who they really are by yourself. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN! IT IS YOUR DUTY TO GET CLOSE AND SEE WHO THEY REALLY ARE FOR YOURSELF. Do not expect a cheat to tell you he is one. Do not expect a liar to tell you she is one. You have to make effort to discover this yourself. Giving people the benefit of the doubt means they get an opportunity to EARN your trust. If they are not ACTIVELY TRYING TO do that...then something is seriously wrong somewhere. Protect your space. You are the asset. Stop letting people in who have not earned it. Say this with me... I AM THE VALUE! Keep tagging and spreading the good word..... #enoughsaid #enough #wisewords #wisdom #valueyourself #value #love #relationships #relationship #married #Lights #lead #leadership 16 08:48pm 05/15/2019